9-Year-Old Boy Breaks Down in Tears during His Speech at Sister’s Wedding

An adorable nine-year-old had everyone cheering for him as he shed happy tears during his speech at his sister’s wedding.

Weddings are often the most memorable yet the most emotional celebrations where families and friends come together to celebrate the love of two people.

One of the most touching moments of a wedding usually happens when family members stand before the bride and groom, as well as all guests, and share sweet words about how happy they are for the newlyweds.

This is what happened at a young couple’s wedding reception when the bride’s nine-year-old brother gave the most heartfelt speech. 

“I know I may seem a little sad right now, but these are tears of joy,” the boy said with his voice cracking. “Katie, I love you so much. I am so happy you gave me a brother-in-law.”

It seems like young men are the wittiest when it comes to wedding speeches. Previously, a little boy gave a speech at his cousin’s wedding that had the entire room laughing.

While the boy broke into tears, the crowd started clapping and cheering for him, including his sister, Katie. Just as the room was filled with tears, those who watched the video of the speech were also emotional.

Comments flooded the video post on Instagram, sharing how the clip left viewers in tears. One person shared:

“Omg lol I cry more from this page than I do in therapy.”

Another wrote, “I’m weeping and this beautiful clip is… only what — ten seconds long?!” Meanwhile, others complimented the young boy for being so sweet and adorable.

“He has such a sweet heart,” one comment read. Another Instagram user hoped that the young boy’s new brother-in-law would never let him down. Meanwhile, another person said:

“Let’s all take a moment to appreciate and pray upon this young man’s genuine nature. May he keep it and express his feelings this genuinely throughout his entire life!”

It seems like young men are the wittiest when it comes to giving wedding speeches. Previously, a little boy named Logan gave a speech at his cousin’s wedding that had the entire room laughing.

What particularly stood out were the tips he gave the groom to please the bride. Another young man, Sam, stood out during his brother’s wedding after giving an emotional speech.

Sam, the best man, suffers from autism. Nevertheless, he was able to deliver an emotional and heartfelt speech that had all 170 guests in tears. Indeed, it was a beautiful celebration.

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