9 Stories of Human Kindness That Should Inspire You to Help Others

A random act of kindness is something that can brighten up anyone’s day. Some heartwarming posts surfaced on Twitter showing how strangers helped other people through simple gestures. 

Be it a small gesture such as opening the door for someone or a big thing like paying someone’s bill, these acts of kindness can bring a smile to people’s faces even if they are going through the worst time of their life.

A couple of Twitter users talked about witnessing strangers helping other people without expecting anything in return. These heartwarming stories will restore your faith in humanity.

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The first story on our list was shared by New York Times best-selling author Lauren Hough. She wanted to highlight the importance of helping other people without making them feel bad about it. 

While she was standing in the checkout line at a supermarket on a Monday at midnight, she noticed something strange happening in front of her. The first person in her line was a lady who had trouble paying her bill.

She was a breastfeeding mother who had a WIC (Women Infants Children) card and whose child needed supplements. The government issues WIC cards to new mothers, helping them financially. 

The woman was standing in line at the checkout counter | Source: Unsplash

However, the woman’s card failed to work even after the cashier tried swiping it multiple times. As a result, she panicked, and customers behind her noticed what was happening. 

A few minutes later, she felt something cover her head.

“Every single person in line behind her tried to pay the bill,” wrote Hough. However, the man before her ended up paying for the woman and even offered an extra $100 to help her. 

The man offered an extra $100 to help the lady | Source: Unsplash

Hough’s tweet took the internet by storm, making other people share similar incidents. foucault_s replied to her tweet sharing an incident from when they were nine years old. They wrote:

“I grew up poor. Once, when I was around 9, I was admiring a lime green shimmer hat in the store.”

They narrated that the incident happened in the early ’90s when they had no money. So they looked at the hat, wishing they could wear it, but walked away, knowing their pockets were empty. 

The child saw a hat in the store | Source: Unsplash

A few minutes later, they felt something cover their head. They looked up and saw a lady holding the glittery hat in one hand and a receipt in the other.

She smiled at the child and told them they looked great wearing the hat. The Twitterati said they distinctly remembered that incident from her childhood because people rarely experience such kind acts. 

The kind lady smiled at the child | Source: Unsplash


Urgle__Burgle shared she worked at the dollar store when she witnessed a soul-stirring moment. A young boy approached the checkout counter holding a milk carton in his hand. 

When the cashier asked him for money, he handed his WIC card. He was horrified when the cashier told him his card wasn’t working. He looked around, not knowing what to do next. 

Lucky for him, the man behind him saw the troubled expression on his face and knew exactly how to help him. He paid for the milk, and the boy happily left the store. 

A boy bought milk from a supermarket | Source: Unsplash


In another reply to Hough’s tweet, foraloysiussake shared that a teenage boy was standing in line holding a rose bouquet and a cake. He wanted to surprise his mother when she returned from work. However, he wrote:

“His debit card wouldn’t work.”

The boy felt embarrassed and disappointed at the same time. The Twitterati could see his expression and understood how desperate he was to surprise his mother. He immediately offered to pay for the gifts with his debit card, and the boy accepted. 

The man paid with his debit card | Source: Unsplash


Meanwhile, Dateofey worked as a graveyard shift cashier at a small supermarket. He shared that people often left change saying “Pass it on,” meaning “Pay it forward.”

The Twitter user shared this was done mainly by people who were either homeless or addicts and knew what it was like to be poor. He was touched knowing how generous people are despite not being financially stable. afrogprincess2 replied:

“Being homeless I am finding that the first to try to help homeless are other homeless.”

People left change for other customers | Source: Unsplash

DeeCeeTalks was driving from Virginia to Oklahoma with her children to attend her mother’s funeral, wondering how she would pay for the funeral and their trip. 

When her children asked her to stop by a waffle house, she agreed despite knowing she was short of money. She shared what happened when the cashier asked her for money:

“A stranger paid for our meal. I wish I could hug that person.”

A stranger paid for their meals | Source: Unsplash

ameliamc145 wrote, “Some people have good hearts,” after narrating what happened at her workplace. She worked at a supermarket where many customers had food stamps and WIC cards.

It was common for her to see their stamps and cards not working. However, other customers always helped them pay their bills within no time. 

One day, a woman came to buy yogurt, but her card stopped working. When the person behind her saw her struggle, they immediately paid for her bill and made her day.

A woman came to buy yogurt | Source: Unsplash

janellie57 worked at a pharmacy where a kind old lady gave $50, saying they could use it to pay for people who couldn’t afford their medicines. 

After a few hours, a customer walked in to buy some medicines but discovered that their insurance was terminated when it was time to pay. 

Since their new insurance wasn’t activated yet, they couldn’t buy the medicines. That’s where the old lady’s $50 came in handy. The cashier used it to pay the other customer’s bill. 

The woman worked at a pharmacy | Source: Unsplash


Another similar incident happened in a pharmacy where an elderly lady had forgotten her wallet at home. The customer standing behind her in line tweeted what happened next. 

She noticed that the lady was in pain and couldn’t go to the store’s back to solve her problem. She immediately offered to buy her medicines which put a smile on the lady’s face. 

The cashier then told her that she was the third person that day who paid for someone else’s medicines. Such heartwarming stories are enough to motivate you to help people around you. 

Many people pay for strangers at pharmacies | Source: Unsplash

We can make this world a better place by helping each other, especially when the other person least expects it. We hope these stories motivated you to play your part in spreading kindness.

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