7-Year-Old Boy Fights through Unbearable Pain to Save His Dad’s Life after Their Accident

A young boy became a neighborhood hero after saving his dad’s life following a near-fatal accident. He performed the heroic deed while ignoring his severe complications resulting from the crash.

It took David Moon, a Milton Australian resident, a close call with death to realize not all superheroes wear capes. This was all thanks to his son, Tyler Moon’s courage, love, determination, and endurance.

On a fateful morning in 2004, Tyler and his dad set out on their freak motorbike, doubling down the deserted path in their rural community.

A picture of David Moon and his adorable son Tyler Moon | Photo: youtube.com/60 Minutes Australia

After going at high speed about two kilometers down their makeshift race track, David rode into a protruding branch, causing his bike to overturn right onto his son.

The father managed to get the bike off his boy and lift him. With no help around, the duo leaned onto each other and stumbled off to find help.

They had only gone 1.5 kilometers before David succumbed to his internal bleeding and collapsed onto the ground. Heeding his father’s words to get help no matter what happened, 7-year-old Tyler kept pushing, staggering the remaining 500 meters to his house.

All the while, the boy was in excruciating pain from several broken ribs and punctured internal organs but remained dauntless. His only care was finding his mom and saving his father.

After staggering into their property, the boy’s mom rushed up to him and was only able to make out the words, “Dad said you should call an ambulance,” before the boy fainted.

Noticing her son’s paleness and labored breathing, Mrs. Moon called for an ambulance, successfully transporting the father-son duo to Milton Hospital.

A screenshot of David Moon, and his son from the viral video on YouTube | Photo youtube.com/60 Minutes Australia

Doctors were stunned to discover the boy suffered several broken ribs, which punctured his lungs as he struggled to walk. If they had been seconds late, he could have drowned from the liquid in his lungs.

The two were airlifted from the Milton hospital to hospitals in Sydney, where they underwent surgical procedures. David lost his spleen and parts of his liver, while little Tyler underwent treatment to fix his collapsed lung.

Medical experts marveled at how the youngster was able to make the two-kilometer trek with such unbearable pain. That led them to conclude he was a hero.

A screenshot of David Moon’s son, Tyler from the viral video on YouTube | Photo youtube.com/60 Minutes Australia

As the video went viral, more people around the globe commended the boy’s bravery while tagging him a hero. In 2006, Tyler’s courageous act earned him an NSW bravery award.

Over the years, the actions of other brave kids have helped save their parents’ lives. Last year, 9-year-old Asaih Williams saved his dad, Josh Williams, from drowning following a diving accident in Santa Rosa Sound.

The preteen reportedly dove in after his dad failed to emerge from the water. He found Josh sinking and managed to flip him over before pulling him to shore.

A screenshot of David Moon, and his son from the viral video on YouTube | Photo youtube.com/60 Minutes Australia

Another incident happened in Canada Rockies, where a 6-year-old girl, Lexi Shymanski, rushed to the road to seek help after her family encountered a road accident.

While her mom and 10-week-old brother remained trapped in the vehicle, inside a 40-foot embankment, the impact of the crash knocked Lexi out. She awoke a while later to find her mom unconscious behind the wheels while her little brother was wailing uncontrollably.

Unable to do anything, she decided to run back towards the road, barefoot, where she successfully flagged down a vehicle. No one died in the crash, and it was all thanks to the courage of one little girl.

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