61 Hot Sex Games For Couples To Spice Up Your Relationship in 2022

“Find the Honey”

Get a blindfold (a scarf or a tie will work here) for your partner, dip your finger in some honey and dab it on your body in a sexy, unexpected place, suggests Heather Claus, owner of DatingKinky.com, a kinky dating and education site. Your partner has to explore your body with their mouth looking for the (literal) sweet spot. If you wanna up the difficulty, you can set a timer, too. You can take turns trading off or taking timed turns with the winner winning best two out of three, or whatever rules you decide.

It’s not only a fun, cheap, game (that doesn’t require buying different flavored lubes like number 12), but it can also last for hours (if you’re up for the challenge), Claus adds. As for where to hide the honey, Claus recommends your earlobe, between your (clean) toes, behind your knee, or the small of your back.

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