5 Million People Sign Petition against 110 Years Sentence for Truck Driver Who Caused a Fatal Crash

An immigrant and father, one man unintentionally took the lives of four innocent individuals leaving him and the victim’s families in their own personal hell. The question is, how should the law respond to such a tragic incident? 

Rogel Aguilera-Mederos bawled his eyes out with grief after being sentenced consecutively to 110 years behind bars. The shame-filled truck driver expressed how guilt had overtaken every aspect of his existence.

Dressed in orange, the 22-year-old Cuban immigrant said that every minute of his life had been nothing but depressing since the horrific accident. 

Aguilera-Mederos making his statement in court [left]; A fatal interstate crash [right]. │Source: youtube.com/CBS Denver

In 2019, Aguilera-Mederos was driving an 18 wheeler truck when the brakes stopped working, according to the truck driver himself, causing him to lose control of the vehicle.

Consequently, he hit four semitrailers and more than 24 vehicles on Interstate 70 in Lakewood, leading to a pile-up crash and leaving four dead.

As a result, he was found guilty of 27 counts, including but not limited to two counts of vehicular assault, four counts of vehicular homicide, and one count of reckless driving. 

Almost 5 million have signed a petition for Aguilera-Mederos, calling to have his sentence commuted or for him to be granted clemency. Organizer Jessica Luna, who arranged a rally at the state Capitol expressed

“We do believe that was an unjust sentencing…with the 110-year sentence ran consecutively as opposed to concurrently.”

The Change.Org petition reads that the accident was not purposeful or criminal. Furthermore, it states that the company he worked for should instead be held liable

Unfortunately, Judge A. Bruce Jones stated that according to the law, he had to issue the sentences consecutively, saying

“I accept and respect what the defendant has said about his lack of intent to hurt people, but he made a series of terrible decisions, reckless decisions.”

Speaking to the judge before the sentencing, one of the victim’s daughters called for the court to show mercy. She said she didn’t want another family to lose their father like her.

Before his sentencing, Aguilera-Mederos said that he could not remove the horrible event from his mind. The driver stated he did his best to avoid the vehicles and did not flee the scene, exclaiming:

“I hope those families forgive me because it’s really tough… my life is going down every day.”

What do you think should happen to the guilty party? Does he deserve the hefty sentence, or are you of the opinion that he deserves mercy, and why? 

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