33 Gorgeous New Year’s Hairstyle Ideas and Inspiration for 2021

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Okay, so even though most people go all-out on New Year’s Eve (Champagne! Dancing! Incredible nails! Happiness!), I don’t typically like making a big fuss out of NYE. Why? Because I hate change, and NYE also marks the end of the holiday season, aka my favorite season. But because you, like me, are probably looking forward to the first day of 2022 (bye, 2021!), you might actually want to celebrate New Year’s Eve this year, even if it’s from the comfort of your own couch. Or you may want to do an even bigger celebration if you were robbed of NYE parties in 2020, in which case I fully support you.

But no matter your celebration of choice, you can always wear a New Year’s hairstyle and matching New Year’s Eve makeup look (getting ready is always the best part of the night, anyway). Put it on IG, be in bed before midnight, everyone wins! Or, if you’re gonna make it a 4 a.m. kinda night, you need a look that’ll last as long as your feet in those glittery shoes you’ve been dying to wear all year. Now’s the time for making your hair look the best it ever has: We’re talkin’ sparkles, braids, volume, extensions…maybe all the above. Need some NYE hair inspo? Keep scrolling for the 33 most gorgeous hairstyles to get you inspired for the most glamorous night (in or out) of the year.


Full Curls with Pearls

The volume, the curls, the hair crystals—this whole look is *chef’s kiss*. With a tiny bit of lash glue, you could dot these individual pearls onto the top of your head, or use a studded headband if you’d rather do something simpler.


The NYE Wavy Bob

The wavy bob is in rn and so are bangs, so this style’s got everything you need to look trendy but also really good. Use a flat iron to achieve that crimped but not too crimped style. BRB, saving this under “looks to try when I finally get brave enough to cut my hair.”


The High Ponytail With a (Hair) Twist

A classic ponytail is great, sure, but if you’ve got the length for it, try this long hairstyle that features a section of hair wrapped around the ponytail base. (You could also, ahem, very easily use ponytail extensions and look just as chic.)


The Backcombed Blowout

It’s so deceptively simple—just a hint of wave and the teeniest of bumps in the back. But when done right, this half-pulled-back blowout (secured with a hidden bobby pin) with a little teasing in the back can make straight hair the star of the show.


The Micro-Braids

Channel the ’90s with two lil tightly woven braids at the front of your face. (And your hair doesn’t have to be this long to pull it off, ofc!) Just part your hair down the middle, section off the front pieces, secure with clear hair ties, and use hairspray to keep the flyaways away.


A Headband-Bow-Ponytail Look

The headband doesn’t just have to be a casual look, y’all. This slicked back hair, combined with a velvet bow and laid edges, makes for a ‘do that stays out of your eyes but also feels “done” in the best way. Keep the headband in place by spritzing some strong hairspray on the underside before you place it.


The Wavy Faux-Bang for New Year’s

The long, wavy tendril manages to be dramatic and romantic, thanks to the extreme side part. If you want KStew’s look, you’ll need mousse, a curling iron, plenty of hairspray, and some bobby pins depending on your hair length. Bleach-blonde color: optional.


The Wavy Pixie for NYE

Just because you’ve got a pixie cut doesn’t mean you’re limited on ways you can style it. This look features soft ’90s waves in the front that you can do yourself with a lotta setting mousse and a strong hairdryer.


This Barrette Hairstyle


A Single Sparkly Strand for New Year’s Eve


Voluminous Curls for NYE

A glitzy, glamorous holiday like New Year’s Eve deserves an equally glamorous hairstyle like this one. When it comes to this long curly hairstyle, the bouncier and bigger the curls, the better.


Soft ’70s Waves

If New Year’s Eve makes you feel nostalgic about the past, throw it back and choose a vintage-inspired hairstyle. The middle part, matching barrettes on both sides, soft, brushed-out curls—everything about this look says ’70s glam.


Slicked and Pinned Back

The placement of your hair barrettes can change your whole vibe. Instead of wearing them close to your part (like in the ’70s look before this), slide ’em down and tuck ’em behind your ears for a more modern take.


A Braided Ponytail for New Year’s

If you’re looking for an easy hairstyle you could pull off yourself but still looks like you paid someone to do it, this braided ponytail hairstyle checks all the boxes. All you need is a moisturizing cream for that sleek, shiny, professional finish.


Slicked Down With Soft Waves

If you love yourself a soft, loose wave but want to switch it up for a special occasion, try this look that’s slicked in the front and soft in the back. A boar bristle hair brush for both slicking your hair and brushing out the curls will be your BFF.


Long Braids

Braided hairstyles are always a good idea. These knotless box braids flipped to one side go perfectly with a bright red lip (in case you need a NYE makeup idea to go with it, hint-hint).


Embellished With Rhinestone Studs

Remember that bottle of hair glue we talked about? Grab a bag of loose rhinestones with flat backs and get to placing them sporadically around your head for an all-over sparkle effect.


Braided Braids for New Year’s

If you’ve already got long braids and want a way to style them for a special occasion, gather all of the smaller braids into a larger one. Who knew a simple three-strand braid could be so show-stopping?


Soft Waves

For soft waves like this that’ll hold their shape all night long, you want to go with a smaller curling-iron barrel than you think (stick to something around 1 inch). Using small, uniform sections, curl all your hair in the same direction, then brush all the tight ringlets out with a boar bristle brush to loosen them and create the pattern.


A Triple Ponytail

For a hairstyle that keeps your fringe out of your face and your strands off your sweaty neck (I know it’s Dec. 31, but don’t you sweat when you dance??), go with a stacked ponytail. Leave the bottom in a ponytail if you have short hair or wrap it in a bun for longer strands. Pro tip: start with the top ponytail, then work your way down so you can add the hair to each section before tying it off.


Parted and Pinned-Back Curls

If you can’t make up your mind between wearing your hair pinned down or loose and airy, do both. Start with loose, soft curls, then use decorative hair pins to press down the pieces around your face.


A Bun With Face-Framing Pieces

The high bun and the face-framing pieces are perfect for each other, so what better way to ring in the new year than with once of the biggest hair trends?


A Sleek Bob With Barrettes

If you have a short bob haircut, you might be stuck on hairstyle ideas. But when in doubt, go with hair accessories. A headband or a hair barrette, like the ones shown here, is quite possibly the simplest and most effective way to step up your look for New Year’s Eve.


High Ponytail With Curls

This look gives me millennium NYE vibes, and I’m all about it. Party like it’s (the last day of ) 1999 with this high, curly ponytail and of course, face-framing pieces.


Half-Up With a Barrette

A pretty holiday-inspired barrette is the perfect accent for an NYE updo. Only got one clip instead of two? Pull your hair back and pin it in the middle. Hair hack: tie your hair with a tiny elastic first if you have fine or thin hair that can’t hold a curl, let alone a barrette.


Natural Curls

Let your hair down (it is NYE after all!) to show off your gorgeous natural texture. Play around with your part if you’re wanting to try something different than the usual.


A Half-Up Hairstyle With a Velvet Bow

A classic velvet ribbon barrette is a super cute accessory that’s easy to add to any hairstyle. It’s also the perfect grown-up way to wear a bow so you don’t feel/look like you’re five.


A Low Chignon

Nothing says New Year’s Eve like a chic chignon—plus, it’s a great way to show off your favorite statement jewelry, bold lipstick, dress neckline (have I made my point?).


Silver Hair Wrap

If your hair is on the shorter side, weave a piece of gold-wrapped wire cord throughout your hair for the perfect, gilded (and DIY, might I add) accessory.


The Wet Look

A slicked back wet hairstyle is another alternative for those who want to skip out on ribbons and bows yet still stand out.


Piece-y Strands With a Hairpiece

Go with a cool detailed comb that has gold architectural accents, and you won’t even need to wear jewelry.

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