31 Best Smelling Candles of 2022

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A candle is one of those items you can never have enough of—and even though I’m a professional shopper, I swear I don’t say that about everything. (I’m on a minimalist, de-cluttering kick lately.) Anyway, there are just so many different candle aesthetics, colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from, plus about a million different scent combinations. Whether you gravitate towards floral, fruity, cozy, romantic, or super luxurious scents, falling in love with a new candle—and telling everyone you know about it—is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Below, we’ve rounded up a list of our all-time favorites (new goodies and cult classics!). From candles with notes of amber, vanilla, and patchouli to leather, lavender, and bergamot, here are the 31 best smelling candles you should add to your cart ASAP. I mean, we’ve even got kush and milk and sugar-scented candles on this list! You’re welcome <3.

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this champagne candle


Featuring a unique blend of champagne, saffron, and leather scents, this candle is “sophisticated” and “smells like nothing else out there,” according to a reviewer.


this classic lavender scent

Antidris Lavender Candle

Reviewers say this earthy lavender candle smells totally authentic—none of that synthetic nonsense!


this yummy dessert candle

Milk & Sugar Candle

This adorable little candle smells good enough to eat, thanks to notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and cream.


this chill vibes one

Scented Candle

The perfect candle to manifest with, Witching Hour has notes of calming amber and patchouli.


this bergamot scent


Bohéme designs candles that’ll transport you back in time or across the globe—this bergamot-scented one is inspired by the Arabian Sea.


this cult classic

Santal 26 Classic Candle

You know her, you love her, and she’s totally worth the hype.


this *other* cult classic

Kush Scented Candle

The name says it all. No, literally—this candle has notes of cannabis in it.


this citrus bb

Jardin D’orangers Jardin d’oranger candle

If you’re into citrusy orange scents, you’ll love this luxe candle from Dior.


this kitchen candle


This light fragrance—which has notes of neroli, orange blossom, and black pepper—is designed to neutralize kitchen smells. It’s made with the brand’s best-selling olive oil to “extend its lifespan and improve its throw.”


this grapefruit one


Jo Malone never misses, and this lively citrus scent is one of their best.


this smoky scent

Charcoal 3-Wick Candle

Three wicks make this sexy combination of cedarwood, sandalwood, oud, and smoky amber three times as potent, with several reviewers saying the scent fills their whole house.


this bedtime candle

Feuille de Lavande

Light this lavender cutie before bed to help you ~wind down~ after a long day.


this rich scent

Pure Noir Candle

From one of our fave ready-to-wear brands comes this rich blend of black baccara rose, papyrus, and spicy saffron….in the sexiest matte black vessel ever!


this sweet bb

Aesthetic Purple Candle

This deliciously sweet candle has notes of white rose, almond milk, and caramel. Okay, YUM.


this wfh necessity

Home Office Candle

Fill your work-from-home space with energizing cinnamon, soothing amber, and vanilla, plus notes of water lilies and patchouli.


this super chic candle

Scented Candle

One reviewer said this jasmine, patchouli, and saffron blend is so invigorating that “everyone who comes over asks what it is.”


this jasmine and white tea-scented one

Terrarium Candle

This intricately-poured candle actually smells as good as it looks—if you can believe it!


this bright scent

Panjore Lychee Glass Jar Candle

It’s the summer scent of our dreams, thanks to refreshing notes of citrus, lychee, and pear.


this artisan one

Maruzia Bird of Paradise

This handmade ceramic jar (which makes the perfect table accessory!) is filled with fruity and floral fragrance oils.


this cozy one

Glowing Embers Scented Candle

Live out your bougie-cabin-in-the-woods fantasy with this cozy candle, which is reminiscent of a crackling log fire.


this rose cutie

Melrose Place Candle

Described as a “velvety-rich rose fragrance,” this candle from beloved haircare brand Ouai has notes of bergamot, lychee, cedarwood, and white musk.


this fresh scent


Fresh and comforting, this scent is inspired by a lazy Sunday morning. And reviewers say it lasts foreverrrr—even compared to other pricey candles.


this super unique one

Tomb of the Eagles Scented Candle

This candle—which is meant to capture the scent of Scotland’s rugged Orkney Island—features notes of clover, sweet cicely, island moss, and more….unlike anything else you already own.


this complex scent

Bibliothèque Fragranced Candle

Top notes of peach and plum combined with base notes of vanilla and leather make this cult-favorite “smell like a rich person’s library,” according to one reviewer.


this floral candle

Sunset Riot Scented Candle

What does a “sunset riot-scented candle” smell like, you ask? A woodsy floral blend of pink pepper, orange flower, and cedarwood.


this chrome one

Champagne Scented Candle

Ditch the bottle of champagne and bring this bubbly-scented candle to your next party instead. It makes the perfect hostess gift.


this white gardenia-inspired candle

Lady Day Candle

According to the brand, this candle “evokes the irresistible excitement of [Billie Holiday’s] Harlem nights and joyful appetite for life.” One reviewer said it pairs well with a glass of wine and some relaxing jazz music.


this classic candle


Much like the pretty pink jar, this white tea, gardenia, and sandalwood candle is classic and feminine.


this woody scent

Amber & Moss

We love the simple chic jar almost as much as the comforting scent (which is earthy and woody with a hint of musk).


this sweet vanilla one

Soft Vanilla Candle


this earthy candle

Leather Candle

The elegant leather scent is balanced out with muted florals—rustic perfection!

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