3-Year-Old Runs to Hug His Crying Mother in Emotional Reunion after He Was Allegedly Kidnapped

A man kidnapped his 3-year-old boy and 16-year-old niece after a scheduled visitation. The abducted child and young girl were spotted 11 days later by an attentive samaritan passing by the area. 

There’s nothing that a mother’s warm hug cannot cure. When a child is sad, they run into their mother’s arms for emotional support, and when they’re ecstatic, they wrap their arms around their mom to express their happiness. 

Imagine how badly a child would want to hug their mother when they’re scared or haven’t seen their favorite person in the world for a long time. Noah Clare was going through the same feelings when he saw his mother.

Jacob Clare picked up Noah from his home in Gallatin, Tennessee, sometime around October 30. The little boy was also accompanied by his cousin, Amber Clare.

Noah’s father was supposed to drop off the kids after the scheduled visitation on November 7. However, that never happened, and on the same day, Jacob’s Subaru Legacy was spotted by a license plate reader in Arizona. 

Nearly four days later, on November 11, a surveillance camera located in San Clemente, California, captured images of Jacob with Noah and Amber. The vehicle then caught the attention of a tow company on November 13.

The tow company impounded the vehicle after spotting it in the parking area of a California mall and found it stacked with food items and clothing. The law enforcement authorities became alert due to vehicle impoundment, and the manhunt for Jacob began. 

Ennis also thanked Bonin for bringing Noah back to her and called her a “hero.”

However, an Amber Alert wasn’t called initially, which incurred the wrath and frustration of Noah’s mother, Amanda Ennis. 

Ennis, who had been worried sick for Noah and Amber, discussed her concerns while talking to NewsChannel 5. She said: 

“There should be an Amber Alert for both of them. The fact that it’s not — it’s just Jake [Jacob Clare] is taking them further and further away as each day goes by.”

The frustrated mom also asked for the statutes for the Amber Alert to be changed as quickly as possible. Soon afterward, her plea was answered, and an Amber Alert was issued for the missing children. 

The turning point in the case was when an alert resident, Julia Bonin, spotted the Clares in Dana Point, California, while dropping off her son at school. She said she was able to identify the kids through social media posts. Bonin also shared:

“My heart was pounding. I had a strong feeling that it was, but I was questioning my instincts. I was starting to shake.”

The attentive and good samaritan quickly called 911 and expressed how relieved she felt for acting upon her instincts. She said she was glad she had driven back to the spot in time for the abducted children to be rescued.

Jacob Clare was taken into custody for allegedly kidnapping his son and niece. Charges of aggravated kidnapping have been pressed against him in Tennessee. As for Ennis, she shared her joy and relief upon being reunited with her son in these words:

“It’s been a complete and total nightmare. There were moments where I thought I was never going to get him back.”

Little Noah was reunited with his mom in a heart-touching scene. The 3-year-old kid ran down the hallway into his mother’s arms. Ennis also thanked Bonin for bringing Noah back to her and called her a “hero.” We couldn’t agree more. 

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