3-Year-Old Keeps Herself and Baby Brother Alive for Days after Their Parents Passed Away

In 2019, a little girl proved that heroism is not limited by age after she kept herself and her two-month-old baby brother alive for days following their parents’ death. Here are the full details of the story.

Two children were reportedly stuck in their home in the Chatsworth neighborhood of Los Angeles for more than three days after the unfortunate demise of their parents.

Detectives believed that the parents’ death occurred during the early hours of April 11. According to reports, the kids were rescued on Easter Sunday after their worried grandfather called the police.

The policewoman briefing members of the press and public on the case | Photo: Youtube/abc7

When the detectives arrived, the children were found hungry and dehydrated but fully clothed, with the boy inside his cot and the girl possibly dressed for school.

The sibling duo was unharmed and sent to a local hospital for treatment, with no indication that they had witnessed the terrible incident. However, a neighbor, Tony Medina, claimed the little girl saw the death of her parents. Medina told CBS Los-Angeles:

“She heard her mom crying and then what really was kind of heart-wrenching was when she said she saw ‘mommy was broken.'” 

Medina’s claims were not confirmed, but everyone was stunned by the three-year-old’s level of maturity and heroic instincts. During a press conference with ABC7, Los Angeles Police captain Maureen Ryan said:

“Our little angel was able to keep herself and her brother alive. The baby is a miracle baby, and the little girl is a hero. She’s an absolute hero.”

The heroic girl was also described by her pre-school teachers as a bright child and a big lover of singing and dancing. 

Firefighters and law officials at the murder-suicide scene | Photo: Youtube/abc7

Police confirmed that the siblings were healthy and thriving in the care of the Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services.

Sadly, Kimberly’s five children were at home and left to face the terrifying situation alone.

In a similar scenario, an 11-year-old was tagged a hero after risking his life to rescue his four siblings from a fire outbreak in their home.

Firefighters and law officers at the murder-suicide scene | Photo: Youtube/abc7

On that fateful day, Kimberly Sims, the mother of the five kids, including Brody Sims, 11, decided to take her parents’ pet for a walk when a fire started in her kitchen without her notice.

Sadly, Kimberly’s five children were at home and left to face the terrifying situation alone. Immediately, Brody recalled advice from his parents on what to do in such a situation, and he sprung into action.

Rather than run away from the flames and smoke, Brody ran into the house to safely rescue his younger siblings. Upon hearing the news, Kimberly was relieved and proud of her children for handling the situation adequately.

On the other hand, Brody’s heroic act did not go unrewarded. The little boy and his sister who called 911 were awarded certificates of courage. 

In addition, the children’s aunt opened a GoFundMe page to raise money to provide the kids with clothes and toys for Christmas. 

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