25 Get Well Soon Gift Ideas — Best Care Packages for Sick Person

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Being sick sucks. But if there’s one teeeeeeny tiiiiiiny up side, it’s also the absolute perfect excuse to take care of yourself—we need it after this year, kay? Regardless of the reason—the flu (gross), COVID (FML), surgery (nooo), or just utterly burned out (relatable!)—there’s a perfect get-well-soon gift for the person in your life who’s feeling terrible. So if you’ve got a pal or family member who’s been stricken with sickness (’tis the season, after all, and I’m not just saying that because I have bronchitis rn), you can earn all the points by getting them a little care package they can use immediately. Your giftee will absolutely love you forever: They’re gonna remind you of how you spoiled them for the rest of time, which is…a nice perk, TBH.

Unique gift ideas can range price-wise from the funny, not-too-expensive card that’ll make them laugh through their hacking cough to, like, the splurge-iest towel that’ll make them look forward to getting out of the shower and lying down for an hour. We’ve searched online to bring you some of the best, non-boring gifts FTW. These care packages won’t just say “get well soon” but will also make your giftee feel like you took the time to get them something special and something they’ll actually use. Or, you know, if you just ~happen~ to leave this on your SO’s computer with a couple of these highlighted, you know, for research purposes, I’ll never tell!!

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This Soft Blanket/Scarf

Travel Blanket

This blanket is *also* a scarf, shawl, and pillow—whatever their sick heart desires!—and comes in three gorge colors: neutral, black, and burgundy. So they can be cozy and wrap up so snugly that only their eyes are showing.


These Dried Flowers

The Dauphine

Flowers, but make it less cliche! They’re trendy, they’re pretty, but most importantly—dried flowers won’t make your giftee sneeze, like fresh ones might. These add a fab pop of color and no one has to keep them alive! 


These CBD Soaks

CBD Bath Soaks Duo

This duo is perfect for a sick friend: The muscle soak is for soreness, and the sleep soak is for relaxation. Pour a cup (or two) into the bath, and let the healing soak begin. 


These Aromatherapy Shower Tablets

Shower Steamers

“Ok, but my friend is more of a shower person,” I hear you saying. I gotchu! Just pop one of these tablets into the shower and breeeaaaathe in all that eucalyptus and mint.  


This Yummy Gift Basket

Snowy Day Gift

Give them soup! And brownies! And crackers! Ooo and hot chocolate! Basically get them all the delicious things that they might be craving when they finally emerge from hibernation and want to make something hot. 


These Scented, Crystal Candles

Healing Crystal Candle Set

For the pal who believes in ~positive vibes~, give them all the good energy with these healing candles. With crystals embedded and a variety of scents, it’ll help them cleanse their space of bad vibes and germs ASAP.


These Healing Patches

The Get Balanced Patches 3-Piece Set

Get a literal dose of wellness with these three patches: Rescue (for healing), Dream (for sleep, duh), and Awake (for an energy boost). They go on the wrist and last for up to 12 hours; The Good Patch also has different sets available depending on what the person needs most.


This Massage Ball

Renew Massage Ball

Get at all that achey soreness with this cute lil massage ball (that comes in green and pink, too), which helps with tension wherever it might be in the body. So, like, everywhere. YW.


This Plant-Based Food Gift Box

Gift Box

Treat a pal with yummy, nutritious food that they don’t have to make themselves, thanks to Daily Harvest. Their meals are plant-based and vegan, and they have options for people with allergies. Also, how good does a smoothie and ice cream sound to a sick person rn?


This Heating Pad

Handmade Elephant Heating Pad

This elephant is super cute and intensely huggable, so warm it up and place it directly on the part that hurts. Or your giftee can just snuggle with it while they sleep! Such a win.


This Mindlessly Fun Rom-Com

’27 Dresses’

Give the gift…of classic, fluffy movies! Today I learned that you can actually gift online movies (or Amazon Prime gift cards) to a recipient. And what’s better when you’re sick than an iconic Katherine Heigl rom-com? Nothing.


This All-in-One Gift Package

The Ultimate Wellness Package

When in doubt, this gift will basically cover all your bases: A candle, chocolate, mug, tea, bath cubes, and mindfulness cards are just a few of the goodies in this box. The best part, BTW? A little light reading/snoozing with This Book Will Put You to Sleep


This Floral Mug

Patience Brewster Springtime Mug

Staying hydrated is important, FYI, but it doesn’t have to be such a drag with a cute mug (just look at those carrot feet!!!). Perfect to put all that hot chocolate/soup/NyQuil in. 


This *Amazing* Card

“Hope I Don’t Catch It” Card

Lol, don’t lie: you totally laughed. Postable has unique cards way beyond the boring ones you’d find at the pharmacy, from the colorful and creative to the snark-tastic. Your friend will giggle, promise!


This Adorbs Mug

Medical Professionals Tumbler Travel Mug

Again: hydrate, people! Just make sure to do it with the cutest tumbler ever (while also supporting a Black women-owned business). This love letter to healthcare professionals will also have people asking, “OMG, where did you get that??”


This Lavender Bubble Bath

Calming 2-In-1 Bubble Bath & Body Wash

There is no better time for bubbles than when you’re sick. Whether it’s a soak or lathering up in the shower, this lavender and wild orchid cleanser is easy on sensitive skin and so luscious. It’ll be a new fave!  


This Hydrating Face Cream

Ultra Facial Cream

Speaking of luscious, this fragrance-free ultra-hydrating cream isn’t just ideal for a sick friend, obv, but they need all the hydration they can get (and it’s good on all skin types). Who doesn’t want to look a little less sick when they feel tired and parched, TBH??


This Perfect Robe

Super-Plush Robe

There is no one on Earth who couldn’t use an OTT, supersoft, luxurious robe. With a bunch of colors, it’s perfect if you want to go all out: Get them a gift so nice it’ll make them cry, then wrap themselves up and fall asleep in it.


This Sound Machine

Restore Sound Machine

For the person who struggles to get to sleep right now, this is the thing they didn’t know they always needed. It’s a clock, a smart light, a meditation app, and a sunrise alarm, and it’ll play all the soothing sounds to bring on the much-needed ZZZZs. 


This Luxurious Towel

Heavy Weight Linen Spa Towel

An investment? Absolutely. Worth every penny? You bet! This spa-grade towel is both pleasantly heavy and also made of breathable linen. It’s perfect for a quick dry-off as well as a post-shower lounge on the bed. No judgment.


This Cozy Layer

The ReNew Teddy Liner

This fleece has the coziest teddy-bear look and feel for venturing outside in the gross weather. It’s also totally acceptable to just lounge around the house in it, which is why it’s the perfect get-well-soon, look-cute-while-doing-it gift.


This Wool Cardigan

Women’s Wool Cardi

If your giftee doesn’t have a wine cardigan for just such an occasion, what are they even doing? Made for low-key chilling (maybe swap the wine for water—hydrate!!), this one is perfectly warm, thick, and sustainably made. 


This Sleep Mask

Pure Silk Sleep Mask

Make sure all that sleep goes uninterrupted with a luxe sleep mask made of the highest quality silk—which will keep moisture in the face, where it belongs, and won’t be itchy on sensitive skin. Plus, they’ll feel so fancy.


This Bag Set

The Vanity Set

An underrated challenge of being sick? Keeping all your supplies in one place, naturally. This cute set (which comes in a variety of colors) is both functional and fun—perfect for filling with both meds and snacks. Oh, and it’s washable!


These Adorable Socks

Heart Socks

Ok, yes, getting someone socks as a prezzie is a cliche, but if they’re the most darling socks of all time they can’t complain! These lil cuties have a dash of luxe, too: organic cotton with a little stretch.

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