20 Best Christmas Party Games for Adults 2021 — Funny Christmas Party Games


So it’s your turn to host the holiday party this year, meaning you’ll have to put on one hell of a shindig. (With your fellow vaxxed friends, OFC!) No pressure! Let’s just go through your checklist real quick: You’ve got the food, you’ve got the drinks, you’ve even got the decorations—now it’s time for the games.

No worries if you’re running dry on Christmas party game ideas—I’m here to help steer you right. Sure, you could go for ye ol’ reliable faves like Uno and Taboo, but let me just suggest something more holiday-themed to get your guests in the festive spirit. Like, say, beer pong but with jingle bells instead of pong balls. Ya know, ~Christmas stuff~.

There are a ton of holiday party games to choose from, and I’ve gathered up the best ones just for you. Now, some of these games can go either way: Turn them up a notch if you’re with the right crowd, or keep them at a safe, G-rated level if the kiddies are around. No matter what your party vibe is (mild to wild), I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one below.

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if you’re looking for something traditional

Themed Bingo

What’s more fun than regular Bingo? Christmas-themed Bingo!!!


if you want people to dress up

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Bring in alllll the fun vibes with an ugly Christmas sweater contest. Regardless of who wins (make sure yours is as cringey as possible!), the party will be entertaining. I guarantee it.


if you want something competitive

Holiday Bake-Off

A bake-off means flexing your Betty Crocker skills and eating treats for hours on end. Seems like a win-win to me! 


If you want a cute drinking game

Christmas Game Drinking Cards

Sorry, these gingerbread man cards aren’t edible, but they do have fun holiday-themed prompts on them, like, “Drink if someone next to you is wearing an ugly Christmas sweater,” or, “Drink if you can’t name three of Santa’s reindeer.” 


If You ‘re good at Ultimatums

Christmas-Themed “Would You Rather” Challenge

It’s the game we all know and love—just with a holiday twist. You could either make up silly Christmas-themed “Would You Rather” questions of your own or draw inspiration from this book. Either way, write ’em all down on strips of paper and then stick them in a festive bowl for everyone to draw. 


If you think “Love Actually” is good, actually

Christmas Rom-Com Drinking Game

You can pretty much do this with any classic holiday movie. Set a couple ground rules as a group before you hit “play” (such as, drink every time there’s a Christmas meet-cute  or drink every time a couple kisses in the snow) and make sure everyone has a drink in hand. And to get things started, we went ahead and made you a cheesy Christmas movie checklist in case you’re in need of some inspo.


Two Truths And a Lie: Worst Gift Ever

Christmas Coffee Mug

The rules are simple: Everyone goes around the room and names the three worst gifts they’ve ever received. One item, however, isn’t truthful, of course. If you get caught lying, take a sip (or shot). Just please try not to offend any family members, if you can.


if you have spectacular aim

Jingle Bell Toss

It’s beer pong but with jingle bells. ‘Nuff said. Yes, they don’t bounce nearly as well as ping pong balls—but they do look festive AF. Plus, we always love a challenge.


if you have fast reflexes

Candy Cane Spoons

Remember the classic card-swapping game, Spoons? Well, this is just like that—but with candy canes instead.


If You like prizes

Guess How Many Christmas Tree Ornaments There Are

It’s as easy as it sounds, folks. When your party guests arrive, ask everyone to write down their guess for how many ornaments there are on the tree and stick it in a bowl. Then after the evening is in full swing, reveal the number. Obvi, the winner gets a fun prize.


if you’re quick-thinking

Think or Drink: Christmas Edition

This is a game where the fastest thinker wins—and everyone else drinks. Just pull from the 90-card deck and try to be the first to name an item related to whatever’s on the card (or suffer the consequences).


If you know some wordsmiths

Christmas Fun Mad Libs

Here’s a cute idea for a party station: Set it up by the bar and get ready for the funniest story, courtesy of your creative party guests. 


if you’re the next American Idol

Guess That Holiday Tune

Divvy up into two teams and have everyone write down a ton of Christmas songs onto strips of paper, then throw ’em all into a hat. Each player gets 60 seconds to pick a song out of the hat at random, hum it to the best of their ability, and get their team to correctly guess the name of the track. Fingers crossed you get the blessed opportunity to hum Mariah Carey.


If you want to get physical

Reindeer Ring Toss

The concept is straightforward, but the execution might be chaotic—in a good way, at least.


If Drinking Is Basically The Only Thing On the Agenda

12 Drinking Games Of Christmas

Twelve! Different! Drinking! Games! What more could you want? (Booze not included.) 


If you like dirty jokes

Cards Against Humanity: 2013 Holiday Pack

Aw, how quaint, 2013! (It’s only because the latest version—the 2014 pack—isn’t available for delivery until after Christmas. Lame!) Add to your current Cards Against Humanity collection and get ready to make lots of dirty Santa jokes. 


If you have a milli Santa hats lyin’ around

The Santa Hat Game

It’s basically like Simon Says or Nose Goes. Someone is “it” and whenever they take off their hat, everyone else has to follow suit. Last person to take off their Santa hat loses. It’s a cute game that gets even more fun if whoever’s “it” loves a good fake-out.


If you’re feeling crafty

Drunk Christmas Stocking Decorating

Arts and crafts, but make it boozy. Also… ugliest one wins.


If You Have a Good Arm

Santa Claus Darts

Disclaimer: This is NOT an anti-Santa game. OK, now carry on. 


If you want to flex your gift wrapping skills

One-Handed Gift Wrapping Challenge

This is exactly what it sounds like. Challenge your guests to wrap gifts (or just empty boxes) with only one hand. Up the ante by setting a timer or try to inspire some teamwork by pairing up players.

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