17-Year-Old Girl Discovered She Was Kidnapped as a Baby after Taking a Selfie with a Friend

A young girl’s life took a shocking turn after she took a photo with a friend from school. The girls looked very similar, and after it was shown to their respective parents, the truth of the girl’s identity started to unfold. 

A baby was born in 1997, and 17 years later, she would make a life-changing discovery—her parents were not who she thought, and she was kidnapped three days after her birth.

As detailed by a witness, a woman dressed as a nurse took a baby and walked out of the hospital while the biological mother was sleeping. The incident shocked Cape Town, but what was revealed almost two decades later shocked the world. 

Celeste and Morne Nurse were devastated after their baby girl, Zephany was stolen from them. They had prepared her baby room and continued to look for their firstborn despite having other children after the ordeal. 

The parents never got the answers they were looking for, but in 2015, a photo stopped them in their tracks. Their daughter, Cassidy, had started high school and took a picture with a school friend who was a few years older than her. 


The girls took the picture after people constantly told them how alike they looked. Little did they know, they were biological sisters. When Cassidy showed Celeste and Morne the selfie, they asked her an important question.

The couple wanted to know if their daughter’s friend, Miché Solomon, was born on 30 April 1997. Cassidy was confused, but she confirmed the birth date. This was enough information to convince the parents that Miché was possibly their baby.

They contacted the police, and after weeks of investigating, Miché was called to the principal’s office. Authorities told her about the investigation, and she was stunned. She was convinced they had made a mistake.

However, soon after, a DNA test was conducted. The results proved what Miché didn’t want to believe—The parents who raised her, Lavona and Michael Solomon, were not related to her biologically. 

Even after a judge found Lavona guilty, Miché still felt conflicted. She understood that her birthmother had committed a crime, but she loved her. She didn’t want to be called Zephany because she had been Miché for all of her life. 

It was revealed that Lavona had miscarried a baby in 1997 and stole a child from the hospital unbeknownst to her husband. The Nurse family was left in shambles while the Solomon’s raised their child 5km from their house.

When Miché was reunited with her biological family, she expressed:

“They hugged me and squeezed me and started crying. It’s sad, but you know, I felt nothing, I didn’t feel that I’d missed them.”

The young woman has made peace with her story and still views Lavona and Michael as her parents. She has included her birth parents in her life now as well. 

However, to Miché, her birth parents will never be “mommy” and “daddy.” The now-24-year-old has moved on, and she holds no grudges.

She said: “I think I hated Zephany in the beginning. But Zephany is the truth … So I’ve managed to balance both names.” Now she is fine with people calling her either Miché or Zephany and hopes to live a happy life with both of her families. 

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