15 Best Office Plants 2022 — Best Indoor Office Plants


What better way to spice up your workspace than by adding some ~life~ to it? Whether you’re working from home or have returned to the office, your desk could probably use a cute plant or two—it’s only the most perfect way to refresh this space. Plus decorating with plants is super easy. Plop some pretty greenery and voilá… Your office went from drab to fab with just one small and simple change.

But actually looking for the best office plants can be a lil difficult, considering there are tons and tons of green bébés out there to choose from. Not only that, but you should also consider the environment your desk plant will be living in. Will it have a lot of or little natural sunlight? Is there actually space for it on your desk, or will it have to be a windowsill or floor plant? How often will you be able to water it? Whatever your answers are, here are some options for ya. Start the search for your newest coworker by checking out these 15 indoor office plants. Buying one of these is a guaranteed mood booster in your life! (And maybe even some good luck!)

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this one that may get you rich

Money Tree

Nothing like a money tree in your office to manifest good financial vibes while you’re on your work grind.   


this one that comes in a trendy pot

Coffee Plant

A coffee plant just sounds on-brand, am I right? This leafy bb comes in a chic ceramic pot that’ll add a sleek look to any part of your space.


this one that can survive with little water

Baby Rubber Plant (Raindrop Peperomia)

If you know you’re not a very attentive plant parent (which is totally okay!), choose this pretty gem that can tolerate less watering. 


this bb that loves humidity

Sansevieria Samurai

Choose this edgy one if you live in a humid area. It’ll thrive and flourish in a work cave that has moist air—so if this sounds like your spot, add to cart now!


this cute cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus

You can’t go wrong with a cactus, y’all. It’s practically indestructible because it’s a drought-tolerant plant. Plus it’s super pretty. Looks like a win-win to me!


this slightly pink beaut

Peperomia Pink

Bring in some color with this gorgeous thang that features the cutest touch of pink.


this classic look

Bonsai Tree

Opt for this adorable miniature tree that’ll easily dress up the room. 


this chic cutie

Round Tail Snake Plant

Never met greenery that looked more like a sculptural art piece. This sleek, yet bold star will not only be a fresh boost for your office, but it’ll also serve as mature decor.


this tried-and-true

Bliss White Orchid

Your desk’s best friend is an orchid. Trust. 


this big beauty

Bird of Paradise Plant with White Blooms

What more could you want out of a green bb that’s labeled as the “queen of indoor plants”? P.S. This stunner is quite large, so if you’re on the hunt for a bigger plant, you’ve found her.


this itty bitty gem

The Ducky

Simple and sweet, this smol succulent is perf if you don’t wanna go all out. 


this gorgeous plant

Sansevieria Cylindrica Braid

FYI: Snake plants are great for purifying the air. And this braided one (with over 21,000 hyped-up reviews!) is a beaut.


this romantic plant

Variegated English Ivy

Looking for something that has hella leaves so you won’t have to get a bunch of individual plants? Grab this romantic ivy plant that loves bright, indirect sunlight.


this luxe star

Silver Evergreen

Welcome some good luck into your workspace with this Chinese Evergreen that thoroughly enjoys little to no light or ventilation. We love low maintenance! A bonus: According to the retailer, this type of plant is listed as one of NASA’s top ten air-purifying houseplants.


this thoughtful gem

Neon Pathos

Be thoughtful with your plant choice by treating yourself to something meaningful. Get yourself this vibrant pathos that symbolizes perseverance. Plus, it also does well in filtered light if you don’t get many natural sunbeams in your office.

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