15 Best Clothes Storage Ideas for 2022 — Smart Closet Storage Solutions


If your home doesn’t happen to have a huuuuge Carrie Bradshaw-approved walk-in closet—well, my deepest condolences. Believe me, I know the pain that is trying to squeeze your entire wardrobe into a tiny closet. It ain’t fun! In fact, it may even be damn near impossible! Some people might tell you that the easiest fix here is to just simply get rid of stuff, but I’m gonna jump in and say That’s! Not! An! Option! (Don’t tell me I only need five pairs of shoes—I will end you???)

Listen. Listen to me. Don’t listen to them. It’s a good thing we live in this day and age because the internet is loaded with creative clothes storage ideas and space-saving solutions for hopeless people like us—and I’ve got 15 of the best ones outlined for you below. Maybe your closet is super tiny? Or maybe you don’t even have one at all? (Praying for you.) Perhaps your wardrobe is overflowing and you’re just in need of some more creative storage solutions to house all your precious stuff. Whatever your dire situation may be, consider any of the ideas below. And tell those minimalists to kindly heck off. Bye.

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Get you an armoire

Woven Rattan Bedroom Clothing Armoire

Don’t have a closet (or need an extension)? Sounds like you could use an armoire. Not only will it house your clothes, but it’ll also be a great opportunity to flex your interior design muscle if you get a chic one like this bad boy.


invest in pretty storage bins

Parchment White Calm Storage Bin

Container Store x Marie Kondo

Conceal your sweaters, jeans, handbags, or miscellaneous with pretty storage bins that aren’t total eyesores. I mean, if you have to look at them every day, you’ll be happy that they aren’t uggo.


use space-saving hangers

Magic Hangers (12-Pack)

These space-saving Magic Hangers truly are magic. And the best part is you won’t have to replace all of your hangers! Just get this 12-pack of organizers, hook ’em onto your existing hangers, and start storing your clothes vertically.


compress your storage bags

Vacuum Compression Storage Bags with Hand Pump (6-Pack)

Ugh, yes, sweaters are bulky as heck. And when they’re not in season, you’re gonna need a way to compress and store them all. Good thing these vacuum compression storage bags exist! (And yep, they work with your standard vacuum for speedy compression!)


use shelf dividers

Acrylic Shelf Dividers (4-Pack)

Shelf dividers are perfect for keeping overflowing shelves and closets organized. They’ll help keep every item to in its place, which means you can really maximize your storage.


get a storage bench

Maribo Ivory Bouclé 32″ Storage Ottoman

We love a good 2-in-1. Store off-season clothing in a chic ottoman that can double as seating!


be selective about under-bed storage

Under Bed Storage Box (2-Pack)

When in doubt, just stick it under the bed—but in a protective storage box! This set of two comes with stylish pulls and dust-proof covers. Winner!


Get some nesting storage bins

Set of 5 Wooden Stacking Storage Boxes

When these nesting storage boxes aren’t in use, you’ll love being able to put them away without taking up so much space.


use a clothing rack

Industrial Pipe Clothing Garment Rack with Bottom Shelves

With a clothing rack, you can display your favorite pieces so that they aren’t just hiding in your closet. Or if you don’t have a closet, well, consider this a must-have item.


Organize your drawers

Foldable Drawer Organizers (12-Pack)

Trust me, your underwear drawer is about to get a whole lot more manageable with these in-drawer dividers.


buy a shoe storage cabinet

Burlywood 12 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet

Just sayin’, your shoes deserve a home.


consider a storage bed

Monterey Full Wood Storage Bed

If you want your under-bed storage to be totally concealed, get a bed with built-in storage! Otherwise, there’s so much lost real estate there for ~storing things~.


hang a double closet rod

Whitmor Double Closet Rod

With this easy-to-use tool, you can turn your basic closet into a two-tier closet. (This is what dreams are made of, no?)


get a hanging closet organizer (with drawers!)

6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer with Drawers

Hanging closet organizers aren’t exactly new and innovative idea. But if you get one, make sure it comes with drawers. Convenience is the name of the game!


build a closet system

White Benco 59 “W Closet System Walk-In Sets

And if all hope is lost and you just need a full-on closet system, then I am here to encourage you to get one, my friend.

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