10 Best Nursing Pillows of 2022

Claire Brodsky

If you’re choosing to breastfeed, there’s some gear you’ll likely want to invest in to make the whole process easier and more comfortable. I’m talking nursing bras, breast pumps, nipple creams, maternity clothing, and (of course) a good nursing pillow (also known as a breastfeeding cushion). I’ll just say it: This all sounds pretty overwhelming, so if you need help finding some recs, then we gotchu—starting with the best nursing pillows to fit your needs (and budget).

But first, why do you need a nursing pillow? Glad you asked! Essentially, you need to feel as comfortable as possible throughout the breastfeeding process. Because according to Lactation Educator and Founder of the Mother Made Lactation community, Ashley Hunt, “When a breastfeeding mother is uncomfortable or experiencing stress or pain, her hormones send signals to her body that temporarily inhibit the let-down reflex.” In other words, if you’re uncomfy, your breastmilk might have a harder time flowing. Obvi, it’s easier said than done to be comfortable with a tiny human attached to your nipple, but a good nursing pillow will certainly help with that.

Most nursing pillows are U-shaped (so that they can easily be wrapped around your stomach for a more ergonomic fit) and pretty thick in density, so you don’t have to hold the pillow in your arms (hi, sounds tiring). Instead, the pillow will sit in your lap so you can relax and let the baby lay on top and do their thing. Plus, you can use most nursing pillows for other prime stages in your baby’s life, like tummy time and getting them adjusted to sitting up on their own. Love a good bonus feature!

Whether you’re looking to grab one for yourself or wanting to gift one to a loved one (lucky them!), then you’re in the right place. Below, we’ve gathered 10 of the best nursing pillows out there to help make breastfeeding a little more comfortable.

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this top-rated one

Original Nursing Pillow & Positioner

With over 1,600 glowing reviews, this classically-shaped breastfeeding pillow is a must-have. Also, please peep that removable slipcover (gosh knows that’s gonna come in handy).


this one for twins

Twin Z Pillow®

Got two bundles of joy? This cream beauty offers great support so you can feed both of them simultaneously.


this organic one

Organic Feeding + Support Nursing Pillow

If your baby has pretty sensitive skin, allow me to suggest this unique crescent-shaped nursing pillow. It’s made with organic, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic fabrics.


this one for back support

Super Deluxe Nursing Pillow

Now here’s an expert-recommended one. According to registered nurse and international board-certified lactation consultant Courtney Miller, this cushion is top-notch. It’s adjustable and features a flat design so that the baby can’t easily slide off. Oh, and check at that back support!


this Adjustable One

Adjustable Nursing Pillow

Here’s the thing: Babies grow (obvi). So consider getting a nursing pillow that you can easily adjust. This one features an expandable waistband as well as three interchangeable cushioning layers “to cradle as much or as little as your baby needs.”


this elevated one

Elevate Adjustable Nursing and Breastfeeding Pillow

Absolutely no neck strain here! This cushion features different levels of elevation to help your little one feed with ease.


this relaxed one

Nursing Pillow in Pink Dot

If you’re not a fan of the traditional U-shaped pillows, try this one instead. The relaxed shape makes it easy to fit around your waist, so you don’t feel constricted by the pillow. Plus, it has ample room so the baby can lay comfortably.


this bean bag-like one

The Nesting Pillow

Thanks to its unique filling, this one is similar to a bean bag. The pro to that? It easily conforms to your baby’s body, allowing for a super comfy experience.


this one for when you’re on the go

Nurse Sling Nursing Pillow

For those times when you’re out and about and need to feed, consider this sling. It’s adjustable and has a super-soft pillow top and shoulder pad to help make breastfeeding easy, even when you’re not home.


this stylish one

La Maman Wedge Nursing Pillow

Want to ditch the typical baby colors and prints? Grab this wedge pillow for a very chic feeding time.

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