1-Year-Old Boy Reunites with His Mother after Thieves Stole Him along with Her Car

After over 36 hours of frantic searching, Deonna Bray’s one-year-old son was safely found. The child was inside Bray’s vehicle when the car was stolen.

A mother’s worst nightmare would be losing their child. So when one-year-old Blaise Barnett was taken away by thieves, his mother, Deonna Bray, was completely distraught.

When the incident happened, Bray and Blaise’s father, Xavier Barnett, were unloading groceries from their car and into their apartment. 

At around 1 in the morning, Blaise was taken away along with the vehicle parked in Clarkston, Georgia. The toddler was inside Bray’s 2002 Ford Explorer when the carnappers jumped in the unlocked car and drove away.

Bray was frantic when the incident occurred and pleaded for her son’s safe return. Family and friends came together to pray for Blaise’s safety and way back home. Bray said:

“I’ve never been away from him like this where I don’t know where he’s at, so I’m hurt. Bring him back safely and unharmed in the quickest way possible.”

After almost 36 hours of searching, a Georgia resident called 911 and reported a child inside the vehicle parked by her home on Rogers Street.

Police had to tow the SUV and have forensic investigators look for evidence.

Not knowing who the child was and who placed him there, she took Blaise inside her home and phoned for help. The child was immediately brought to a medical facility for evaluation and appeared to be healthy.

According to Bray, the call informing her that Blaise was found is one she would never forget. The doting mom recalled:

“He was like, ‘We got him,’ and I was like, ‘You got him?’ And everybody was just like screaming. I started crying. I just knew, now I know my baby is safe.”

Prior to his finding, police discovered the stolen car a mile and a half away from Bray’s house. A local, James Dent, claimed that he saw a man running away when he saw the stolen vehicle.

Police had to tow the SUV and have forensic investigators look for evidence. They also confirmed that Dent was not related to the car robbery

Another car robbery previously happened when a Phoenix couple asked the authorities for help to locate their stolen vehicle. Eager to speed up the search, they decided to fabricate a story.

The pair noted that the 18-month-old baby under their care was kidnapped with their vehicle after leaving the car parked during a quick run to the convenience store.

When the car was found, authorities learned that no child was missing. According to the police, several resources, including a helicopter, were deployed to search for the toddler, only to find out they had been fooled.

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